Episode # 265

Can Athletes Get “Too Strong”, Optimal Shin Angle When Squatting/Deadlifting & More!

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Released on May 7, 2020


5:10Q1: What are the limitations of assessing the quality of your workout by the amount of “calories burned”?

11:40Q2: How many sets per body part should you be doing each week if you want to pack on muscle?

23:00Q3: Can athletes ever get “too strong”? (How much weight is “too much” to lift in the off-season?)

43:40Q4: Troubleshooting the hip thrust (What to do if you don’t feel your glutes when thrusting)

48:50Q5: What advice do you have for other dads living with all women in a “house full of estrogen”?

59:40Q6: What is the optimal shin angle when squatting/deadlifting/lunging?

1:09:20 – Joe’s thoughts on debating other trainers


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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