Episode # 177

Chad Wesley Smith talks Training Specificity, Injury Prevention, Business & More!

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Released on August 23, 2018


1:00 – Joe welcomes Chad Wesley Smith to the Industrial Strength Show

3:40 – Chad’s current training focus

7:55 – How Chad rehabbed his 2 herniated discs

16:05 – Chad’s 3 main takeaways from his rehab

18:40 – How Chad’s training philosophy has changed from when he was a college athlete

28:20 – Training novice athletes vs elite athletes

31:10 – Chad explains the “pyramid of strength”

34:00 – Training your weakness vs focussing on your strengths

41:55 – Programming movement categories as opposed to specific exercises as you get older 

44:00 – The importance of an “accumulation phase” for washed-up meatheads

48:55 – The 3 criteria Chad looks at when selecting exercises for athletes

51:25 – The evolution of Juggernaut Training Systems

57:25 – What is an “expert”?

1:05:50 – Chad gives his best productivity tips

1:11:00 – Chad’s definition of “success”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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