Episode # 110

Charles Poliquin Talks Strength, Food Intolerance Testing, Neurotransmitter Dominance & More!

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Released on April 27, 2017


1:00 – Joe talks about this week’s sponsor – Metabolic Meals 

11:30Charles Poliquin interview begins… 

15:40 – Charles talks about how he began writing for Muscle Media magazine

Charles performs his “Kinetic Chain Enhancement” technique on last week’s Industrial Strength Show guest – Mark Bell.

23:50 – Charles explains how he originally became aware of “Food Intolerance Testing”

28:40 – Charles reveals the best lab for getting a Food Intolerance Test

29:55 – The single most important natural factor for testosterone production

31:40 – Can you re-introduce “intolerant” foods back into your diet?

50:00 – The importance of testing for neurotransmitter dominance & deficiency

60:45 – The reliability of testing neurotransmitters through saliva

70:00 – Joe & Charles discuss “force-velocity profiling” their athletes

79:00 – Charles reveals his favorite strength exercises

82:40 – Charles reveals his favorite methods for improving mobility

85:20 – Charles explains the theory behind his “Kinetic Chain Enhancement” technique

96:35 – Recommended intra & post-workout supplementation for those looking to get lean

104:10 – Modifications to diet and training for males over 40

108:45 – Charles shares a great quote regarding brain health and your ability to build muscle


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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