Episode # 113

Chris Duffin – The Mad Scientist of Strength

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Released on May 18, 2017


1:00 – Joe talks about this week’s sponsor – Blue Apron 

4:15 – 3rd Annual Strong Bastard 911 Transformation Contest [OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT]

17:15 – Chris Duffin interview begins…

“Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization” w/ the BOOMSTICK [available at kabukistrength.com]
19:35 – Chris discusses his unique upbringing

26:45 – Chris gives advice on switching careers [How he did it]

31:50 – The story behind the name “Kabuki Strength”

34:20 – Bridging the gap between clinical rehab professionals & strength coaches

42:20 – Chris talks about his coaching style and his “load tensioning sequence”

44:30 – How/Why Chris became interested in “movement quality”

52:50 – The preparation involved prior to Chris’ 1000lb deadlift

55:00 – Using velocity as an “autoregulation marker”

62:40 – Insight into Chris’ training template leading up to his record-setting deadlift (1000lbs x 2)

74:25 – How to get started with velocity-based training

77:45 – Chris gives 3 tips for prioritizing your life

83:10 – Show Conclusion [where to continue following Chris Duffin & Kabuki Strength]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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