Episode # 194

Christian Woodford – Australia’s Most Passionate Coach – Invades the Industrial Strength Show!

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Released on December 20, 2018


1:20 –  Joe announces the 1st CPPS certification course of 2019!

4:40 – Christian Woodford interview begins…

6:10 – How Christian is going to get Joe to travel to Australia!?!

9:40 – Joe & Christian compare their (NJ vs Australian) accents

14:00 – Christian & Joe talk about the differences between the American and Australian private sector gyms

20:15 – Importance of injury prevention when training athletes

27:25 – Christian expresses his desire to advance strength & conditioning within the private sector of Australia

31:30 – The difference between being inspired by someone as opposed to copying them

34:45 – The importance of “heavy ass sled drags” in athletic development

37:20 – Joe & Christian discuss “research” versus real world RESULTS

42:00 – The funny story of how Christian initially got in contact w/ Joe through Ashley’s facebook

44:30 – Christian’s [awkward] first interaction with Joe D.

52:00 – How the CPPS course excels in teaching the application of knowledge

56:45 – The importance of finding the right movements for athletes

1:02:40 – Christian shares the lessons he’s learned from being a business owner

1:20:00 – Why consistency & effort (when starting a business) will pay off in the long run

1:22:30 – The value of providing free training content online

1:36:30 – “Be in a rush to be excellent, not successful” [Coming up the right way]

1:39:00 – Christian finally reveals how his social media campaign got him on the Industrial Strength Show 🙂

1:50:00 – “Instafamous” trainers who promote themselves [as opposed to promoting valuable information]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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