Episode # 344

Clearing Up The Confusion Surrounding WARM-UPS & MOBILITY w/ Jim “Smitty” Smith

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Released on November 18, 2021


0:00 – Show intro / preview

2:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Hellowater

4:55 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Four Sigmatic

9:00Smitty joins the show | Podcast begins…

10:00 – The many benefits of lighter/longer loaded carries

19:25 – The “new” metric Joe has been using to determine the effectiveness of his workouts

22:15 – How has Joe’s pre-workout prep changed since having shoulder surgery?

32:05 – The “slow cook” approach to warming up

37:00 – The purpose of incorporating “fillers” into your workout

41:35 – Has your current warm-up/mobility routine “reset your normal”?

45:05 – Smitty shares one of his favorite hamstring warm-ups [from Louie Simmons]

50:30 – The relationship between strength & flexibility

59:00 – Why strength training alone isn’t always optimal for developing mobility

1:01:50 – Smitty provides a real-world example of how most people should warm up [before squatting]

1:05:05 – Strength training IS corrective, BUT…

1:05:50 – Why Smitty & Joe D. both currently prefer a “reverse workout order”

1:11:30 – Staple warm-up movements for the 35+ crowd

1:14:20 – The relationship between core strength & mobility

1:23:15 – The [surprising] simplicity behind the “8-Phase” CPPS warm-up



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Thanks for listening!

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