Episode # 173

Daily Hacks & Habits for All-Day Energy [Without Crashing]

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Released on July 26, 2018


0:10 – Joe announces the next CPPS certification location & date!

4:30 – Show overview 

9:50 – Does eating before bed negatively affect your sleep?

13:55 – What you AVOID within an hour of going to bed

19:00 – Joe explains the benefits of the sleep cycle app

24:45 – The 3 things your body needs as soon as you wake up

25:35 – The effect hydration has on your energy levels

29:20 – The importance of getting sunlight 1st thing in the A.M.

30:45 – The benefits of a morning walk (or mini workout)

36:20 – Starting your day proactively vs reactively 

39:00 – The optimal timing of your morning coffee

41:40 – Coffee benefits, drawbacks & dosage recommendations

45:00 – Joe reveals his “caffeine hack”!!!

49:15 – Advice for those with desk jobs

52:10 – How your training style affects your daily energy levels

57:50 – Some final thoughts on hydration, nutrition & supplementation


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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