Episode # 283

How Breathwork Affects Our Mobility, Why “Belly Breathing” is Bullsh*t & More [w/ Dana Santas]

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Released on September 10, 2020


0:00 – Show intro/preview

5:30CPPS FOOTBALL [online cert] sale/announcement!

8:15 – Dana Santas joins the show | Podcast begins…

10:30 – What’s Dana’s day-to-day work schedule look like right now?

13:50 – How did Dana got her foot in the door with so many professional sports teams?

16:45 – The reason Dana got her CSCS and became a “strength coach”

29:55 – Why Dana cringes when she hears the word “flexibility”?

36:40 – Why Dana believes breathing is our most fundamental “movement pattern”

39:00 – Breathing vs respiration

49:35 – Dana explains her “breathing bridge” [and its affect on mobility]

54:25 – Why the term “belly breathing” is bullish*t!

1:02:15 – The affect breathing has on our hip mobility

1:09:00 – Where should someone [who’s been breathing improperly] start?

1:15:45 – Dana explains her “5-7-3” breathing pattern


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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