Episode # 287

Integrating Breathing & Mobility into “Strength & Conditioning”, The Truth About ‘Leg Length Discrepancy’ & More [w/ Dana Santas]!

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Released on October 8, 2020


0:00 – Show intro

7:40Dana Santas returns! | Podcast begins…

10:45 – Dana talks about her role with this year’s Stanley Cup Champs – The Tampa Bay Lightning

14:00 – The truth about “leg length discrepancy” [Is one of your legs really “shorter”?]

19:30 – The relationship between strength coach & athletic trainer

29:00 – Integrating breathwork & mobility into “strength & conditioning” programs

33:30 – Joe shares a story of being blamed for another coach’s incompetence

36:40 – The importance of exhaling

38:50 – Leveraging your breath to improve rotation

40:15 – Dana shares a story of working with her first bodybuilder

48:00 – Why stretching is just “busy work” if your breathing is not on point

52:40 – Using breathing as a “reset” between big lifts in the weight room

54:10 – Why “daily walks” are beneficial for everyone

58:15 – The affect breathing has on our gait

59:25 – What is a “side stitch”, why does it occur, and how can we prevent it from recurring?

1:04:05 – The truth about “adhesions” surrounding your diaphragm

1:06:05 – Dana gives Joe some post-surgery advice

1:12:00 – Dana talks about the versatility of her Mobility Maker Bench


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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