Episode # 84

Meet Dan Ogden – Mr. Strong Bastard 2016!

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Released on October 27, 2016

In this weeks episode, Joe interviews the winner of the 2nd Annual Strong Bastard 911 Transformation Challenge – Dan Ogden. Dan talks about how he achieved the greatest gains of his life, overcoming adversity, nutrition, and the importance of mindset and consistency.


1:00Dan Ogden interview begins

3:20 – Dan shares his transformation “stats” (weight gained, body fat percentage, etc.)

8:10 – What motivated Dan to enter this years SB911 Transformation Contest?

                       Not your typical “Dad Bod” 🙂

9:45 – How/When Dan “found time” in his busy schedule to train

13:25 – What did Dan like most about the SB911 program?

16:25 – The thing Dan disliked the most about the SB911 program

17:40 – The carryover that SB911 had on Dan’s profession as a firefighter

19: 50 – Dan discusses some of the setbacks & difficulties he had to deal with during the SB911 contest

25:25 – Dan talks about his diet and his relationship with last year’s SB911 finalist – Luke Brooks

28:25 – One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get leaner

35:10 – Dan’s favorite methods for recovering between workouts

37:30 – The 2 things that had the BIGGEST impact on Dan’s amazing transformation

49:20 – Show Conclusion [Joe D. shares his favorite takeaways from the interview with Dan]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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