Episode # 386

Dave Tate Talks Max-Effort Training for Washed-Up Meatheads, Dealing w/ Internet Stupidity & More!

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Released on September 15, 2022


0:00 – Show preview

8:50Dave Tate joins the show…

9:45 – What prompted Dave to start his online “coaching”/reaction videos?

13:00 – What happened the first time Joe put Dave through a “full” dynamic warm-up

14:45 – How Dave’s current training differs from 5-7 years ago

16:50 – How Dave currently periodizes his training

20:55 – Max-Effort training advice for washed-up meatheads

26:55 – Why both Joe & Dave recommend cycling the straight bar OUT of your program

28:55 – The 5 lifts that most “old heads” DON’T do…and what we can learn from this

31:00 – Dealing with stupid people & “know-it-alls” online

36:50 – What is Dave’s favorite piece of Elitefts equipment?

40:20 – Strength movements vs “focus” movements

42:15 – “Must-Have” pieces of equipment for YOUR home gym

48:00 – The biggest mistake(s) Dave made when he started Elitefts

56:15 – The future of Westside Barbell

1:00:30 – The return of the SWIS Symposium!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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