Episode # 218

Developing Strength in “Less Than Ideal” Positions, Progressive Overload for Older Lifters & Lots MORE!

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Released on June 6, 2019


0:00 – Show intro / overview

6:20 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – SAXX Underwear 

10:25Jim “Smitty” Smith & Brian Oberther join the show / Podcast begins

14:10 – How/Why Joe & Smitty created the DeFranco Insider 

21:10 – Smitty’s best advice to young trainers looking to start an online business

22:05 – Advice for trainers who work at commercial gyms, yet don’t agree w/ the training philosophy

26:15 – Home gym (equipment) recommendations for those who don’t have a lat pulldown/cable unit

32:10 – What certification should young trainers look to get first? #dumbquestion 🙂

34:00 – Smitty reveals some of his favorite “strength challenges”

40:25 – The most important factor when fat loss is your #1 goal

41:40 – Progressive overload methods for older / beat up lifters


49:35 – How to become a coach of value

54:40 – How to develop strength in “less than ideal” ranges of motion

1:00:55 – How to incorporate the Slingshot® into the SB911 program

1:02:35 – Joe gives a shoutout to www.MarkBellSlingshot.com

1:03:40 – Troubleshooting the Bulgarian Split Squat (hip pinching, leg “collapsing”, etc)

1:07:50 – How to do 100 push-ups in a row (and tips for mastering the 225lb bench press rep test)

1:15:40 – The difference between pushing a sled/prowler with straight arms vs bent arms


  • SAXX Underwear Promo Code: JoeD
  • Mark Bell’s Sling Shot® Discount code: JoeD
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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