Episode # 80

The Dirtiest Trick for a Stronger Deadlift & Random Q&A!

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Released on September 29, 2016

Joe returns from Austin, TX and shares some stories from his crazy week of traveling. After “story time”, Joe answers 4 random questions from the audience. 



8:20 – Joe announces this week’s t-shirt winner

19:20 – Joe shares a story of an amazing act of kindness [There is hope for humanity!]  banana-2

31:50 – The thing that pisses Joe off the most about flying

35:45 – [Q&A begins] Joe D’s life-changing method of shopping for bananas

42:15 – Question #2: Joe reveals the best stretch you’re NOT doing [for hip mobility & reducing low-back pain]

50:25 – Question #3: The dirtiest trick for a stronger deadlift

61:25 – Question #4:  How & Why is Joe so willing to give away so much FREE information?

67:25 – The 2 things you CAN’T copy from Joe

74:25 – The type of FREE information that Joe is NOT willing to give away

85:35 – Joe’s vision for the DeFranco brand going into the next 20 years

89:15 – Show Conclusion [Get 10% OFF DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements & 20% OFF Joe’s REBUILT ebook]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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