Episode # 321

Dr. Beau Hightower on Chiropractic Criticism, Top 3 Longevity “Difference Makers” & More!

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Released on June 10, 2021


0:00 – Show preview

3:00 – iTunes review “Road to 1000” [contest update]

4:20DeFranco Shop / NEW Merch Announcement!

7:50 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Hellowater

11:40 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – BlueChew

15:50Joe introduces Dr. Beau Hightower | Podcast begins…

19:10 – What does an average day look like for Dr. Beau

23:20 – How/Why did Dr. Beau begin making viral YouTube videos?

29:25 – How does Dr. Beau deal with the public stigma towards chiropractors

35:20 – The traditional business model of chiropractic/medicine vs how Dr. Beau runs his practice

43:15 – The history of the chiropractic profession

45:20 – The 3 different “branches” of chiropractors

48:40 – The importance of nuance and moderation [in all fields]

50:20 – Dr. Beau’s thoughts on Joe Rogan’s criticism of chiropractic

56:10 – Does “cracking” your neck and/or knuckles cause arthritis?

1:00:35 – The safety/effectiveness of high velocity spinal decompression/adjustments

1:21:05 – Dr. Beau’s Big 3 [self-maintenance] “difference makers” for your overall health/longevity


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Thanks for listening!

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