Episode # 356

Dr. Stuart McGill On Spinal Flexion, Direct Ab Training, Most Injurious Exercises & More!

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Released on February 10, 2022


0:00 – Show preview

4:45 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Hellowater

8:00 – Dr. Stuart McGill joins the show / Podcast begins…

10:10 – Is Stu really “anti spinal flexion”?

13:50 – Understanding “biological adaptation”

18:40 – Atlas Stone lifting technique [and the loads it places on the spine]

26:00 – Is direct ab/core training necessary [or do we get enough activation from our compound lifts]?

31:50 – Best movements for developing high-performance core strength

37:35 – The 3 exercises that injure the most people [and ultimately bring them to Stu’s clinic]

45:40 – Has Joe ever had to tell a parent that their kid “doesn’t have what it takes”

55:40 – The top characteristics of the world’s highest achievers

58:10 – Simple, everyday actions for improving low back health


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Thanks for listening!

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