Episode # 120

The TRUTH About Coconut Oil & Other Dietary Fats!

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Released on July 6, 2017


1:00 – Joe tells the audience about the 2 new t-shirt designs that have been added to DeFrancoShop.com

Can the American Heart Association be trusted? Do they have YOUR best interest at heart, or do they have ulterior motives??

6:30 – Joe gives an overview of today’s show

13:15 – Dr. Tom Bilella joins the show…  

18:30 – Dr. Tom & Joe discuss the American Heart Association’s recent report regarding coconut oil

21:40 – Dr. Tom recommends a specific blood test to determine YOUR risk factor for heart disease

22:50 – Dr. Tom talks about coconut oil

27:55 – Saturated fat vs. monounsaturated fat vs. polyunsaturated fat

35:00 – Determining your own personal macronutrient requirements

43:15 – The importance of “nutrient timing”

51:35 – How Dr. Tom fixed Ashley’s chronic fatigue and nighttime carb cravings

58:40 – Dr. Tom gives important advice to trainers who deal with clients that are always looking for the “quick fix”

63:40 – Update regarding the Dr. Layne Norton debate

65:50 – Dr. Tom gives advice to everyone competing in the SB911 Transformation Contest

68:15 – Joe D. & Dr. Tom offer a 10% discount code on DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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