Episode # 145

Joe D. Talks Training, Nutrition, Parenting, and More!

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Released on December 28, 2017


1:20 – Joe announces the winner of this week’s iTunes review contest

2:40 – Joe introduces today’s NEW sponsor – ROMAN

Joe D. spending QUALITY time with one of his daughters at school 🙂

11:15 – Will the CPPS football certification be available online?  

15:00 –  Joe talks about his dietary fat consumption

22:20 – Joe gives his tips for being a good dad while juggling all of his other responsibilities

31:10 – What’s your suggestion for fixing a damaged CNS?

41:35  Best exercises for tennis elbow? 

49:40 I’m training to become a track cycling sprinter…Do you have any thoughts on exercises to increase power in a cycling position? 

53:20 Is it possible to build muscle & lose fat at the same time? 

1:04:15  Joe talks about Four Stigmatic’s mushroom coffee 

1:08:10 How long do you give a new idea/technique before you decide to keep it or toss it? What is your trial process?

1:11:55 – Why is it OK to do an Upright Row when performing a Cuban Press, but any other time you advise not to? 

1:16:00What are some qualifications that people should be looking for before they invest in a personal trainer? Please lay the smackdown on the public.

1:28:35 – What’s your most inspirational movie training scene? 

1:30:50 – What would your approach be if you were starting your business TODAY versus when started back in 2002 (from a marketing standpoint)? 

1:33:50 – Do you think there will ever be a time when a female will be taken as seriously as a male head strength coach for any professional team? 

1:36:00 – Would you recommend strength training before BJJ practice 3X/week? 

1:38:20 – When I see people doing the DB Chest Fly with a neutral grip, I cannot help but wonder if a pronated grip might be better? You bench, incline and decline with a pronated grip for chest, why not for chest flyes?

1:41:15 – Should athletes be allowed to take testosterone as long as they are prescribed by a doctor and they keep their levels within a normal (300 – 1000) range? 

1:47:05 – What are the Top 5 lessons you want to teach your girls…?

1:57:50 – Show Conclusion [announcement regarding next week’s show]


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Thanks for listening!

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