Episode # 117

Science vs. Experience [Joe D. Rant Alert!]

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Released on June 15, 2017


1:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Blue Apron   

6:50Joe reads the email that leads to today’s show topic…

21:55 – Joe answers the question, “Will the researchers and scientists always be ‘separate’ from the coaches, trainers and gym rats?”  

27:00 – Joe D. gives advice to scientists?!

28:30 – Joe gives Bret Contreras a shoutout

37:30 – Does it bother Joe when the researchers and “information hoarders” discredit his accomplishments?

50:00“WHY do you do what you do?”   



Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. I lost some valuable clients by keeping my head stuck in research done on rats, pig spines, or entirely different people. The real world is like the wild west; anything can happen. One person can render everything you know about training or nutrition useless just by stepping into your gym, which will force you to adapt and learn something new if you keep an open mind.

    The internet era allows us to have the best of both worlds: Learn from the gym and research rats equally then apply everything to create your wisdom.

    Conversations like the one on the this podcast this will lead to fewer e-debates and greater harmony within the industry.

    Thank you, Joe D.

  2. I totally get why you got so emotional in this podcast. When a client tell you that you’ve changed their life, it’s humbling. When parents tell you that you’ve changed their kid’s life, it’s hard not to get choked up.

    You’ve made a big difference in a lot of lives.

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