Episode # 463

Programming MasterClass: An In-Depth Look Into The Creation of Joe D. & Smitty’s Newest Program

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Released on March 14, 2024


0:00 – Show intro/preview

2:30 – Joe introduces this week’s NEW sponsor – BON CHARGE

11:00Smitty joins the show | Podcast officially begins

13:30 – Smitty & Joe D’s first exposure to Louie Simmons & Westside Barbell and how it influenced their training

31:25 – Joe reflects on training athletes/clients in the “pre social media/influencer era”

34:05 – The one aspect of Joe’s original “skinny bastard” program that he quickly changed

46:45 – The importance of programming “low skill, high output” exercises when speed/power is the goal

50:40 – Joe & Smitty begin to discuss the creation of their newest program – Westside for Skinny Bastards 3.5 (WS4SB 3.5)

51:45 – The WS4SB 3.5 weekly breakdown | How to manipulate a 4-day training split over 3 days (if necessary)

55:40 – Why the WS4SB 3.5 workouts are in “reverse order”

58:30 – The importance of “blending” your warm-up into your workout

1:08:00 – Why Joe would regularly let his clients choose their “workout finisher”

1:17:55 – How dynamic-effort lower body exercises are incorporated into WS4SB 3.5

1:22:30 – Why do we prioritize the posterior chain in ALL of our programs?

1:33:30 – The specific lateral raise variation that’s programmed in phase 1 of WS4SB 3.5

1:38:55 – The first challenge in phase 1 of the new WS4SB 3.5 program

1:43:30 – The specific exercises and sequencing that was chosen for max-effort lower body day [in the new WS4SB 3.5 program]

1:45:30 – Joe makes a bold prediction regarding your deadlifts on the WS4SB 3.5 program

1:50:10 – The reasoning & purpose behind the specific weekend mobility routines programmed in WS4SB 3.5

1:58:00 – Joe & Smitty reveal the AMAZING deal they are currently offering on their #TeamForeverStrong app! [*Use code: STRONG150]


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Thanks for listening!

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