Episode # 94

The TRUTH About “Functional Strength”!

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Released on January 5, 2017

This week, James “Smitty” Smith  joins Joe D. to discuss the common misconception of “functional training” and how you can properly implement “special strength” exercises into your program. Together, they reveal the methods that have the greatest potential for transferring an athlete’s “weight room strength” onto the athletic field. 


4:30 – Overview of today’s show…

5:50 – Joe gives a simple definition of Yuri Verkoshansky’s “Principle of Dynamic Correspondence” and how it ties into today’s show

9:15 – Smitty describes the difference between “STRENGTH” & “SPECIAL STRENGTH”   

15:05 – Smitty explains the “Accumulation of Progressive Functionality”, aka, Why All Exercises Were NOT Created Equal

20:35 – Joe D. gives a practical example of how to rate exercises using the “APF” chart

28:35 – Classifying “Special Strength” into 4 simple categories

33:45 – Joe D. gives a real-world example of how to create special strength exercises to improve “game speed”

39:10 – Overview of an in-house “Contrast Training” study done at DeFranco’s Gym

45:10 – More reasons why heavy sled drags / prowler pushes are so important for developing speed

51:20 – Weighted sled sprints vs. Sprinting with a weight vest [They are NOT the same]

54:25 – Why you should perform a “time-motion” game analysis [of your athlete’s sport] before writing his/her program

56:40 – Smitty takes you through the yearly training cycle

61:00 – Joe D. gives an inside look at the process he went through when developing specific special strength exercises for Triple H in preparation for his Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker!

70:40 – Show Conclusion [Learn how to receive a FREE ebook & more!]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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