Episode # 164

Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Runner-Up Jeff Nichols Tells All

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Released on May 17, 2018


4:20 – Joe announces the launch of the CPPS “Football Preparation Specialist” online course!

11:30 – The back story behind today’s show

14:30 – Jeff Nichols joins the show

15:10 – Jeff explains the long process involved in getting on the show  

23:20 – Jeff explains the difference between the “TV personality trainers” versus the “professional trainers”

24:55 – Jeff recalls how the trainers “structured” the first ‘Biggest Loser’ workout

28:45 – Jeff talks about the the “off-camera” workouts and the purpose they served

31:50 – How far did Jeff make it on the show?

32:50 – Was the show an overall positive experience?

36:00 – What’s Jeff’s life like now?

41:50 – Jeff gives advice for those looking to get started

44:00 – Jeff shares some funny experiences from his time on the show

45:30 – Jeff recalls the argument he had with Jillian Michaels during one of the show’s HIIT sessions

48:20 – How the show producers use your personal “fears” against you

53:10 – Did Jeff have any problems with the way he was “edited” on the show?

56:15 – Would Jeff do the show again?

57:30 – The surprising lack of nutrition information given to the contestants!

58:20 – The shockingly low amount of calories Jeff was instructed to eat each day!

1:00:05 – The diet & supplementation instructions that Jeff was given (when he went home) before the show Grand Finale


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Thanks for listening!

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