Episode # 234

Former NXT Champ Tommaso Ciampa On His Return From Neck Surgery, Go-To Strength Exercises, Nutrition & More!

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Released on September 26, 2019


0:00 – Joe recaps his weekend & announces the next CPPS certification course

4:40 – Show overview

Will Tommaso Ciampa regain his NXT Championship? Tune into the USA Network @ 8pm ET on Wednesday nights to find out!

11:35Tommaso Ciampa joins the show / Podcast begins…

17:25 – Tommaso talks about the culture at the WWE Performance Center

19:50 – The biggest difference b/t wrestling on the “Indies” vs NXT

25:45 – The story behind Tommaso’s epic entrance at NXT
TakeOver: New Orleans

30:30 – Heel vs babyface – Which is more fun/fitting for Tommaso?

35:00 – How Tommaso has kept a positive mindset while being out injured

41:30 – Tommaso shares his post-surgery training schedule

51:50 – Tommaso’s weekly training split (after being 100% cleared)

56:40 – Tommaso’s philosophy on training “arms” directly

58:30 – How to get away with “doing too much volume”
[without overtraining]

1:0025 – The role [NXT Strength Coach] Sean Hayes plays at the WWE Performance Center

1:06:55 – Tommaso’s Top 4 Go-To strength exercises

1:10:30 – Triple H’s meticulous eating habits…and his “mystery chef”?

1:13:40 – How Tommaso has dialed in on his nutrition

1:23:50 – Tommaso’s thoughts on NXT starting live TV & the head-to-head competition on Wednesday nights


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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