Episode # 359

Freak Athlete Stories & The “Personal” Side of Training w/ NY Giants S&C Coach Craig Fitzgerald

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Released on March 3, 2022


1:30 – Back story behind today’s show

7:25“Triple Threat” seminar announcement

8:55DeFranco supplement sale announcement [*Use coupon: stockup]

10:50Coach Fitz joins the show | Podcast begins…

15:30 – Fitz shares some Brian Cushing weight room stories

19:25 – Fitz & Joe talk about the culture that Sean Hayes has created at the WWE Performance Center

21:50 – Getting players to “buy in” to your program [college vs pro]

27:05 – Fitz’s stance on his players training with “private sector coaches” in the off-season

34:40 – How to manage 80+ athletes in the weight room at once

41:10 – Freakiest, most impressive athlete/feat of strength that Fitz has witnessed

45:50 – Fitz’s philosophy on coaching freak athletes: “Do no harm” vs “treat them like everyone else”

58:25 – Intensity vs Consistency

1:02:45 – The most important characteristic(s) that separate the great coaches from the pack

1:11:25 – Fitz’s favorite – and least favorite – things about living in New Jersey


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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