Episode # 242

George DeFranco On Parenting, Participation Trophies & The Never-Before-Told Turning Point of Joe’s Career!

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Released on November 28, 2019


3:10 – Pre-Roll Announcement #1: New tees & hoodies available at DeFrancoShop.com!

7:40 – Pre-Roll Announcement #2: “MuscleUpDecember” Sale at DeFrancosNutrition.com!

10:00George & Lucy DeFranco join the show | Podcast begins…

12:45Q1: How recently has George felt like slapping somebody?

17:15 Q2: What was George’s biggest pet peeve when he owned his gym?

24:30Q3: What were the best/worst excuses people used when trying to get out of a ticket?

32:20Q4: What inspired George to lift weights (at a time when it wasn’t popular)?

34:55Q5: What are some things Joe does that pisses his dad off?

42:20Q6: What advice would George give his 45-year-old self?

49:45Q7: Memorable fatherhood moments/stories about “little Joe D.”

53:50Q8: George’s proudest moment of Joe’s professional career?

1:02:20Q9: How is Joe so mild mannered, yet his dad is so pissed off all the time?

1:05:40Q10: What was “disciplining” like in the DeFranco household growing up?

1:10:50Q11: George’s thoughts on “participation trophies”

1:14:10Q12: What were George’s best tactics (as a State Trooper) for de-escalating situations?

1:19:35Q13: Joe & George recall Joe’s first year of training with weights

1:24:20Q14: George reveals his favorite supplement 

1:28:35Q15: The secret to a long, happy marriage

1:32:50Q16: Lucy DeFranco shares her thoughts on “the meaning of life”…


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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