Episode # 201

How To Get Stronger & Remain Healthier by Changing Your Mindset [w/ Jordan Syatt]

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Released on February 7, 2019


0:10 – Joe congratulates the winner of last week’s #pickmejoed contest

7:55 – Joe introduces this week’s sponsor – Mark Bell’s Slingshot

11:15 –  Joe DeFranco/Jordan Syatt Seminar Announcement!

15:00 – Jordan Syatt joins the show

16:45 – More details regarding the NYC seminar w/ Joe & Jordan

20:25 – The proper mindset needed to lift maximal weights

24:00 – Overcoming the fear of getting injured when “maxing out”

26:00 – When you should (or shouldn’t) get “hyped up” for a workout

27:45 – The one thing Joe would change about his original storage closet gym

30:50 – The definition of a true “gym badass”

31:40 – The problem with relying on “pre-workouts”/ stimulants

39:10 – Jordan & Joe begin to discuss the difference between building strength vs testing strength

48:25 – “Trying different programs” vs “program hopping”

55:20 – Joe talks about his first experience on a “westside-inspired” program

58:10 – Joe & Jordan begin to discuss their tried & true programming principles 

1:07:10 – Joe gives a quick recap of the steps involved in creating the most appropriate program for you

1:09:00 – The importance of “keeping your goal, the goal”

1:11:10 – Clarifying “program specificity” & the importance of auto-regulation


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Thanks for listening!

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