Episode # 243

Growing Up Homeless, Squatting/Deadlifting 1000lbs, and Living Better Through Strength w/ Chris Duffin

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Released on December 5, 2019


0:00 – Intro / Show overview

9:10Chris Duffin joins the show | Podcast begins…

11:30 – How Chris is preparing to become the 1st person to
squat AND deadlift 1000lbs!

17:25 – Are any exercises considered absolutely “necessary”?

23:00 – Chris talks about his idea of periodization

29:00 – The problem with basing your program off of percentages

34:15 – Using bar speed (velocity) as an objective way to
autoregulate your training

39:20 – How Chris designs his warm-ups

44:15 – Chris talks about his post-workout routine

49:20 – Chris discusses his “WHY”

51:20 – Why Chris doesn’t spend much of his recovery time on spinal decompression

55:30 – How to (intelligently) increase your training frequency & work capacity

56:45 – The specific recovery methods Chris uses throughout the week

63:35 – Chris’s childhood struggles, how he reinvented himself & other stories from his best-selling book

79:00 – Joe shares his experience with the Kabuki Kadillac bar


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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