Episode # 395

Happy Thanksgiving & F*ck Prostate Cancer! [The Return of George DeFranco!]

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Released on November 24, 2022


0:00 – Show intro

3:35 – New merch announcement!

6:10Supplement sale announcement! [*Use code: blackfriday]

7:25 – ReBuilt 2.0 sale announcement!

8:00CPPS course sale announcement! [*Use code: GIFT40]

11:10 – George & Lucy DeFranco join the show

13:40 – George talks about the difficulties he faced during the past 2 years

15:30 – Joe & George discuss their first impressions of George’s oncologist

19:40 – The negative affects George has been experiencing from radiation & hormone therapy

 23:10 – The supplements that George is currently taking [and helping him the most]

26:25 – Why Joe’s garbage man pissed George off [right before they started recording the podcast]

29:55 – George’s current exercise routine

31:25 – What drives George to continue to train [even though he’s extremely limited]

37:50 – George revisits the infamous “Sports Authority story”

43:00 – The most important life lessons George has taught Joe

45:50 – How Joe’s “ALL IN” attitude has made parenting/coaching his kids difficult at times

57:10 – Raising kids in 2022…

1:01:20 – George ‘s recent dealings w/ his car insurance agent

1:13:40 – George ends the show by giving thanks 🙏 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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