Episode # 232

Has an Anti-Aging Miracle Been Discovered? Dr. Rand shares the science & story behind “NAD”!

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Released on September 12, 2019


0:00 – Show overview

8:00Dr. Rand joins the show / Podcast begins…

11:40 – What is NAD?

13:25 – Using NAD for alcohol & opiate detoxification

19:50 – Why isn’t NAD used for alcohol & opiate detox in the USA?

25:45 – How does our body manufacture & use NAD?

29:30 – Is it possible to test your NAD levels?

30:40 – The best way to supplement w/ NAD

37:20 – What reduces our body’s NAD levels?

39:00 – What’s the difference between NAD & NAD+?

39:30 – How much does our lifestyle affect our NAD levels?

40:45 – The best way to get NAD in your body

42:10 – Why is NAD considered to be an “anti-aging miracle”?

46:10 – NAD’s positive affect on the brain

55:20 – The optimal way to use NAD for anti-aging / wellness purposes

1:00:15 – NAD supplementation protocol/suggestion for athletes

1:03:40 – Are there any foods or supplements that can enhance the effects of NAD in our body?

1:07:55 – NAD’s potential affects on treating Alzheimer’s, dementia, recovering from heart attack, etc.


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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