Episode # 403

How Chris Bartl Got Off PED’s, Beat Depression & Became The Strongest Version of Himself!

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Released on January 19, 2023


0:00 – Show preview

4:35 – Pregnenolone & DHEA supplement sale announcement!

6:20 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – The Business of Strength

11:10Joe introduces Chris Bartl | Podcast begins…

13:35 – How Chris and Joe met and WHY Joe wanted to get him on the podcast asap

16:35 – How Chris got into powerlifting

18:40 – Chris’s introduction to Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s)

20:10 – Chris shares a “typical” PED cycle (from when he was competing in powerlifting)

22:50 – The terrible advice that Chris’s doctor gave him when he was trying to wean off PED’s…and the side effects that followed

27:55 – Why Chris is so open to talking about his PED use

29:15 – How pregnenolone & DHEA supplementation affected Chris’s mental health

38:25 – The pushback that Chris got from coaches & parents regarding his openness to discuss his PED use

41:25 – Chris lists the things that were most helpful during his transition off of PED’s

45:30 – How Chris approached his training after getting off PED’s

48:30 – The importance of hiring a coach (even if you are a coach yourself)

57:40 – Chris’s approach to training high school athletes

1:00:05 – Chris explains his “Level Up” program

1:04:25 – Why Chris prefers a 3-Day lifting split (instead of 4 days)

1:06:50 – Chris shares a sample/client workout

1:11:25 – The first “homework assignment” Chris gives to all his new clients

1:12:15 – The importance of prioritizing recovery


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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