Episode # 325

How I ReBuilt My Left Shoulder, New Garage Gym Update & More!

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Released on July 8, 2021


1:15 – Joe introduces today’s [new] sponsor – Magic Spoon

7:30 – Show preview

10:55 – The [initial] upgrades that Joe has made to his garage

14:35 – RANT ALERT/STORY TIME: Joe shares a recent/frustrating conversation he had with Verizon!!

28:10 – The new pieces of equipment Joe ordered for his garage gym

35:50 – The old pieces of equipment that will be moving into the garage

39:05 – The equipment that “didn’t make the cut” [and Joe will be selling and/or giving away]

43:50 – Joe introduces today’s other sponsor – HelloWater

47:50 – Joe reads a listener question | Training update begins…

49:10 – Joe’s thoughts on post-surgical/physical therapy protocols

1:00:10 – Joe’s new/current training split

1:04:50 – How/Why Joe trains upper back 6 days a week

1:06:20 – Joe’s favorite “everyday” upper back exercises

1:08:20 – Joe shares a new “workout formula” he’s been using

1:17:05 – Why most lifters can’t get their shoulders to grow | What SHOULD they be doing different?


  • Magic Spoon promo code: JOED
  • HelloWater Discount Code: DEFRANCO
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Thanks for listening!

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