Episode # 455

How To Create a World-Class Gym/Business Culture, Improving Speed After The Age of 40 & More w/ Luka Hocevar

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Released on January 18, 2024


1:00Joe introduces Luka Hocevar to his audience | Podcast begins…

3:50 – Who owns more sneakers – Luka or Joe [and what are their favorite, most worn & most expensive pairs]

13:00 – The foundation of any great business, aka, “The 3 C’s”

20:15 – Joe shares a coaching lesson about being “ON” all the time

22:25 – Luka shares some of his top strategies for creating an incredible “customer experience”

27:10 – The difference between “customer service” vs “customer experience”

31:00 – What Luka means when he tells business owners to “be inefficient”

46:40 – The importance of training for Show AND “GO” as we age

54:45 – Luka’s speed & power recommendations for beginners

58:50 – Joe’s favorite “low-risk, high-reward” sprint variations

1:06:45 – How/Why training “general pop” clients helped Luka become a better coach [when working w/ high-level pro athletes]

1:12:05 – Luka breaks down coaching [Master these 3 things and you’ll become a great coach]

1:14:00 – Joe shares a story/lesson from his very first personal training session 27+ years ago!

1:21:55 – Luka shares some initial info regarding this year’s Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance Summit


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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