Episode # 441

How To Develop a Strong Aerobic System, Increasing Your Life Expectancy & More w/ Joel Jamieson

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Released on October 19, 2023


0:00 – Intro / Show preview

3:35Iron Business Blueprint course announcement

7:15Joel Jamieson joins the show | Podcast officially begins

7:40 – Why Ashley (Joe’s wife) wanted to kill Joe for “hanging out” with Joel back in 2019!?

16:25 – What prompted Joel to become the “conditioning guy”?

23:30 – The many different “pendulum shifts” of the fitness industry – Where Are We Now?

28:05 – Understanding your metabolism

30:05 – How to develop a strong aerobic system

31:00 – What percentage of your training should be low intensity vs high intensity?

32:30 – How your body adapts to Zone 2 cardio

33:30 – The importance of training frequency for aerobic development

36:30 – Finding your personal Zone 2 heart rate range

40:50 – The role that your lifestyle has on your recovery & performance

43:20 – Life, aging, and the aerobic system

47:35 – The “Big 3” variables that affect our life expectancy

50:30 – Does cardiovascular activity inhibit your body’s ability to build muscle?

56:15 – How your heart adapts to strength training vs aerobic training

58:20 – Why some people (including Joel & Joe) have a harder time improving their HRV

1:04:10 – The most important blood markers for cardiovascular health

1:13:55 – Top 3 behaviors to increase your life expectancy

1:17:20 – The surprising benefits of finding a form of exercise that you enjoy


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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