Episode # 337

How To Get FIT AF After 40 w/ Christian Thibaudeau

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Released on September 30, 2021


3:30 – Joe introduces one of today’s sponsors – Magic Spoon

8:00 – Joe talks about today’s other sponsor – MANSCAPED™

12:50 – Christian Thibaudeau joins the show | Podcast begins…

15:55 – How has Christian’s mindset changed [towards training] since turning 40

18:30 – Why “getting big as possible” is counterproductive to health

20:10 – How Christian currently trains

23:35 – How much cardio [and what type] is best for longevity

27:20 – The benefits of loaded carries [and how to implement them]

33:45 – The best training splits for lifters over 40

44:00 – The exercises Christian has avoided since turning 40

49:55 – How important is neuro-typing for your “Average Joe” clients

1:00:10 – Why Christian & Joe favor conjugate periodization

1:02:40 – The difference between “programmers” vs “coaches”

1:05:00 – Christian shares his thoughts on “online coaches”

1:09:25 – How to eat to live longer

1:29:50 – Christian reviews his BIG 3 pieces of advice for Training Longevity


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  • MANSCAPED™ Discount Code: JOED
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Thanks for listening!

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