Episode # 236

How To Get Jacked Without Losing Athleticism, Best Speed Drills for Young Athletes & Much More!

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Released on October 10, 2019


1:20 – Announcement #1: CPPS “Master Class” w/ Kelly Starrett!

4:45 – Announcement #2: CPPS Level 1 certification @ Mind Pump (San Jose, CA)

6:05 – Announcement #3: NJ Fit Pros Luncheon (October 24, 2019)

9:00Podcast / Q&A begins…

10:15 – Set/rep recommendations & loading parameters for accessory exercises
(when myofibrillar hypertrophy is the main goal)

17:20 – Joe explains the concept of “vertical loading”

21:30 – Best accessory lifts for increasing deadlift strength

30:00 – How to put on size without losing athleticism

47:25 – Best drills for fixing “uneven shoulders”

57:00 – Have the DeFranco Core Values changed at all?

1:10:35 – Is there any chance of Joe accepting his invitation to speak in Russia?

1:16:50 – How do you design a program for a fighter/athlete who doesn’t have a fight/competition booked?

1:20:00 – Why most speed drills don’t get kids faster (and what to do about it)


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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