Episode # 275

How To Incorporate Med Ball Throws Into Your Program for Maximal Results!

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Released on July 16, 2020


1:00 – Show intro

15:20 – Why perform med ball throws?

19:55 – When is the best time to perform med ball throws?

27:00 – Determining the optimal number of sets & reps

43:25 – The different types of med balls [Which is best for you?]

50:15 – Choosing an appropriate med ball weight

55:30 – Med Ball Q&A begins…

56:30 – Joe’s Top 5 favorite med ball throw variations

1:11:10 – How to progress med ball training in someone’s program

1:15:00 – Are med ball slams overrated?

1:19:00 – How to incorporate med ball throws into the SB911 program

1:20:35 – Most impressive med ball throw performances at DeFranco’s Gym

1:25:40 – How often should athletes perform med ball throws?

1:26:25 – Best med ball throw variations for boxers

1:27:45 – What’s a good way to teach lower body power to upper body rotational power?

1:29:00 – Do you ever use heavier med balls (over 20lbs) in your programs?

1:30:00 – What % of med ball weight should you use when coupling throws w/ the bench press?

1:31:30 – What other competitive games do you use (other than med ball volleyball)?

1:33:00 – How many different med ball throw variations do you perform in a workout?

1:33:55 – What are the most common med ball training mistakes?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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