Episode # 282

How To Instantly Lift More Weight & Training Techniques That Contradict Logic [BUT WORK]!

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Released on September 3, 2020


1:00 – “MuscleUpSeptember” Supplement $ale announcement!

5:30 – DRUM [massage gun] offers 15% discount to Industrial Strength Show listeners!

10:25Podcast begins…

12:45Joe reads Question #1: What are your favorite techniques/hacks when you need to display supra-maximal levels of strength NOW?! 

26:15 – Joe explains the concept of irradiation 

31:15 – The special warm-up that resulted in Joe bench-pressing 225lbs x 30 reps [for the first time in his life]

41:50 – The story of how a 19-year-old Joe D. helped a lifter break through a lifelong plateau [and bench 315lbs] just by tweaking his warm-up!

55:35 – The affect sodium has on strength/performance

57:55Joe reads Question #2: What workouts/techniques do you feel “contradict logic” BUT WORK?!

1:06:10 – The [surprising] affect that “short” prowler push/sprints had on 1.5-mile run times

1:17:45 – The [surprising] affect that sled dragging has on lower body hypertrophy


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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