Episode # 165

How To Produce Badass, Well-Conditioned Football Players [Q&A w/ Joe D. & Smitty]

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Released on May 24, 2018


0:00 – Show intro/overview

6:30 – Smitty joins the show

12:30 – How to mix football-style training w/ bodybuilding to achieve the “aesthetic- athletic” look

18:40 – How/When to incorporate jumps and sprints into your program  

25:40 – Are 300-yard shuttles ever beneficial?

33:10 – Joe reveals the results of the in-house “Med Ball Volleyball” study that was performed at DeFranco’s Gym two summer’s ago

42:40 – Best way to structure training for multiple sport athletes

46:15 – In-season football “conditioning” template

52:00 – What percentage of football conditioning is spent on the ATP-PC system versus the aerobic system?

56:50 – How much of the CPPS ‘Football Preparation Specialist’ course is transferable to other sports?

1:04:00 – How to improve ankle mobility for better sprinting & jumping (without the use of specialized equipment)

1:11:45 – Top supplement recommendations for high school / college kids

1:19:55 – How private sector trainers should deal with HS/college athletes that have mandatory lifting at school

1:28:30 – Show closing / Final announcement regarding the CPPS Football Cert!


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Thanks for listening!

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