Episode # 179

How To Program Partial-Range Lifts for Maximal Strength, Hypertrophy & Athletic Performance

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Released on September 6, 2018


1:00 – Brief overview of today’s show

2:05 – Q1: Programming unilateral exercises when you have a strength imbalance

8:05 – Joe begins to read Question #2 regarding the effectiveness of partial-range exercises

11:10 – The argument against performing partial-range lifts

18:20 – The argument for performing partial-range lifts

32:30 – How to program partial-range lifts into your workouts

42:20 – Q3: Training to failure without frying your CNS

47:25 –  Q4: Warm-up set & rep recommendations for size & strength goals

57:20 – Show conclusion (2 important announcements!)


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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