Episode # 202

How To Run Your Business Like A Rock Star!

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Released on February 14, 2019


5:50 – CPPS Level 1 (Renton, WA) & CPPS Football (online) announcements!

13:10 – Paul Reddick joins the show

Banksy’s “Girl with Balloon” shredded painting (replica)

17:45 – Paul’s initial advice to the “broken” trainers that ask for help

26:50 – The Banksy’s “shredded painting incident” & how it relates to your “art”/business

31:20 – Joe shares his “reality show” stories and how others tried to “change” his business

35:45 – Two things Paul looks for when people contact him for help

36:30 – How to “create from your hate”

42:30 – How do business owners know who their first employee should be?

43:15 – “2X thinking” vs “10X thinking”

44:30 – Paul takes Joe through the “who-quater” scale

46:35 – The HUGE mistake all trainers make…

49:45 – Quote of the episode: “Don’t be a lounge singer when you were meant to be a rock star!”

50:40 – Things that create focus vs things that create procrastination 

53:40 – Paul gives a great 30-second “exercise” for the audience to do at home

56:30 – How to hire the right person

56:50 – Two tests every business owner should take before hiring someone

1:02:50 – Breaking free of the “BSM” model (Burnt out, Stressed out, Maxed out)

1:09:40 – Paul talks about the 3 toxic goals (copying, comparing, competing)

1:15:00 – The things that should be at the forefront of your marketing


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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