Episode # 228

How To Stand Out, Be a Great Leader & Succeed in the Crowded Fitness Industry [w/ Joe Meglio]

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Released on August 15, 2019


0:00 – Show overview

9:40 – Joe introduces this week’s sponsorSAXX Underwear

13:55 – Joe introduces Joe Meglio | Podcast begins…

16:20 – Joe Meglio shares his back story [and the influence Joe D. had on him]

19:00 – Joe D. & Joe Meglio share the #1 thing they both did RIGHT when starting their businesses

22:15 – The biggest mistakes Joe Meglio made during his 1st year in business

30:45 – The importance of becoming a great leader

33:30 – The specific steps Joe M. took to develop his leadership skills

39:30 – Joe M. shares the 5 Core Values at GameChanger Strength & Performance

43:45 – Joe & Joe talk about “being a pro at all times”

45:20 – Joe M’s [not-so-common] way of assessing his interns 🙂

48:20 – Joe M’s top principles for running a successful business

55:30 – The importance of being unique

1:00:50 – How/Why GameChanger is able to stand out in the crowded NJ gym market
[Specific strategies revealed!]

1:03:50 – How the GameChanger staff is able to maintain such a high level of service

1:11:25 – Joe M. provides 2 final “principles of success”

1:17:45 – Joe M. explains how/why he started “New Jersey Fit Pros”


  • SAXX Underwear Promo Code: JoeD
  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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