Episode # 393

How To Stay Strong, Explosive and Fit AF Into Your 50’s & Beyond [w/ Joe McAuliffe]

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Released on November 10, 2022


0:00 – Show preview

4:30 – Joe D. introduces today’s sponsor – ZBiotics

9:30Joe McAuliffe joins the show | Podcast begins…

11:10 – How Joe met Dr. Tom Bilella [and helped him prepare & WIN his first/only powerlifting meet]

16:40 – How/Why Joe always took a “healthy/longevity-based” approach to powerlifting

28:00 – Joe’s current training split

31:40 – How Joe got himself off blood pressure meds

34:20 – Joe’s morning routine

42:10 – The changes Joe made to his training to save his “destroyed” shoulders

48:00 – How Joe incorporates push-ups into his routine

54:40 – Joe’s favorite Recovery methods

1:05:35 – Joe & Joe discuss nutrition strategies

1:17:15 – Coaching/Competing at local meets vs Nationals/Worlds

1:22:25 – Programming speed/power (as we age)

1:25:30 – Joe’s take on the auditory nervous system vs central nervous system


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Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Would love to do a Podcast on my career in powerlifting and bodybuilding. My younger days growing up w/The Guru RIP Dr. Tom. Man the stories are legendary.

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