Episode # 270

How To Succeed in the Fitness Industry Post COVID-19 [w/ Jonathan Goodman]

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Released on June 11, 2020


0:05CPPS Master’s Class Announcement [w/ Sal DiStefano]

4:00 – Jonathan Goodman intro

9:10 – Podcast begins | Jonathan Goodman joins the show

13:10 – Was the fitness industry broken before COVID-19?

16:15 – The point at which Jon realized personal training was NOT a viable career option

19:50 – Why Jon is optimistic about the fitness industry post COVID-19

21:50 – Entrepreneurship vs Intrapreneurship

26:35 – Building a cohesive business with multiple revenue streams

28:15 – Focussing on one thing vs Being great at one thing and “good enough” at a few other important skills

32:25 – The 4 most important skills for being successful in any business

33:40 – The #1 area that Joe feels most personal trainers suck at

36:05 – The misconception that you need to make most of your $ from the
specific group of people you want to help the most

37:30 – Finding your “1% uniqueness” | Who should you sell to?

39:45 – The #1 area Jon feels most personal trainers need to get better at

42:05 – The importance of being a great communicator

45:05 – Separating yourself from the pack in the fitness industry

48:35 – Two examples of people who found their “1% uniqueness” (and how it helped them grow their business)

52:15 – The similarities b/t “designing an effective program” & “growing a successful business”

56:50 – Final advice | Jon tells a story about what Thomas Edison would do if/when
he was struggling with a new invention


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Thanks for listening!

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