Episode # 360

How To Train NBA Players & Hollywood A-Listers out of a 12′ x 15′ Garage w/ Ben Bruno

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Released on March 10, 2022


0:00 – Show preview

3:25 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Hellowater

6:40CPPS IN-PERSON course announcement!

11:10Ben Bruno joins the show | Podcast begins

13:50 – Why Ben considers himself a “generalist” [as opposed to a “specialist”]

16:05 – The 3 questions Ben asks all his new clients

28:10 – The difference between the content Joe currently posts versus what he posted 10-15 years ago

32:50 – What % of Ben’s training focusses on his client’s “wants” versus their “needs”?

36:00 – Programming for “general fitness goals” [as opposed to specific strength/athletic goals]

39:20 – How Ben used to train when he was younger

46:15 – Ben & Joe share stories/nuances regarding “lower/upper” & “upper/lower” training splits

50:00 – Why Ben prefers Full Body workouts w/ his pro athlete clients

55:00 – The importance of learning to “speak your clients language”

1:01:00 – Why Joe does NOT program Full Body workouts [as much as Ben does]

1:05:00 – How Ben & Joe approach their continuing education at this stage in their careers

1:14:05 – The importance of always being honest

1:15:10 – How Ben comes up with workouts for his “sporadic” clients

1:23:40 – Ben talks about the benefits (and drawbacks) of training high-profile clients in his small 15×12 garage

1:28:20 – Ben describes his ideal client

1:30:00 – Why/How Ben goes about firing clients

1:32:30 – Mistakes young trainers make when building a [new] gym

1:33:50 – The 2 main things that matter most to clients

1:35:20 – Why Ben doesn’t have a power rack in his gym

1:42:50 – How the size of Ben’s garage gym helped him become a better trainer

1:45:45 – Examples of bad questions young trainers ask Ben


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Thanks for listening!

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