Episode # 370

How Unathletic People Become Great Athletes, Hamstring Pull Prevention 101 & More!

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Released on May 19, 2022


0:45 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

2:30 – Joe introduces this week’s sponsor – Magic Spoon

7:35 – Podcast begins…

10:25 – Q1: “Can people who are born unathletic still become great athletes, or will God-given talent always trump ‘self-made’ athletes…?”

11:45 – The role genetics play in our athleticism

15:40 – Defining the term “athletic”

18:35 – Joe gives examples of “great athletes” who are NOT “athletic”

28:20 – The 2 biggest factors that enable “unathletic” people to excel on the athletic field

35:25 – The difference between “speed” & “game speed”

43:30 – The major difference between Tom Brady’s training/focus during the 1st half of his career compared to the 2nd half of his career

48:55 – Q2: “Do you have any suggestions, advice or precautions I should be taking before starting your 8-week sprint progression? I don’t want to pull my hamstring AGAIN [for a 3rd time]…”

53:25 – The #1 [technical] reason most people pull their hamstring when sprinting

55:10 – The #1 [physical] reason most people pull their hamstring when sprinting

1:00:10 – Joe’s favorite hamstring-strengthening exercises [for preventing hamstring pulls when sprinting]

1:09:05 – The role pelvis positioning plays in [preventing] hamstring pulls when sprinting


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Thanks for listening!

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