Episode # 362

How Your Body Type Affects Your Training, Tips for Hardgainers & More w/ Lee Boyce

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Released on March 24, 2022


0:00 – Show preview

4:10 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Magic Spoon [Use code: JOED]

9:30 Lee Boyce joins the show | Podcast begins…

12:15 – Lee talks about his work as a college professor

18:35 – Training considerations for taller lifters

25:00 – Modifying the barbell bench, squat & deadlift for tall lifters

31:35 – Programming “advanced/cutting edge” exercises vs simple exercises

36:05 – Why personal trainers should be “diversifying” their own training

42:40 – Posting online content to “impress” your audience vs “impact” your audience

48:05 – Trainers who fall into the trap of “over-informing” their clients

53:25 – Tips for “hardgainers” to pack on muscle

1:02:40 – Lee’s stance on training to failure

1:05:40 – Lee explains his current [intuitive] training split

1:10:10 – Things that Lee does differently now [training-wise] compared to earlier in his career

1:17:25 – The specific order in which Lee recommends performing a “body part split” routine

1:22:45 – Lee talks about his first published fitness article

1:24:35 – Lee shares the Top 3 websites that had the biggest influence on him early in his career


  • Magic Spoon promo code: JOED
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Thanks for listening!

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