Episode # 191

Joe D’s Blueprint for Improving Chin-up Strength, Creed 2 Review & More!

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Released on November 29, 2018


7:00 – Joe’s uncensored review of Creed 2 [spoiler alert]

24:00 – Joe begins to provide his blueprint for increasing chin-up strength

29:30 – The role diet/nutrition plays in your chin-up performance

37:00 – Where to start if you can’t do 1 chin-up

43:20 – The benefits of performing “scapular depressions”

47:40 – Isometric & eccentric chin-up programming

52:45 – Joe’s favorite assisted chin-up variations

58:15 – Programming “multiple sets of low reps” for strength gains

1:02:30 – Joe discusses the “chin-up everyday” technique

1:05:00 – The importance of performing weighted chin-ups if you’re an advanced trainee

1:08:35 – Joe reads a very uniquely-asked question about training longevity

1:14:35 – The 4 physical characteristics you must work to improve in order to live a long, healthy life


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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