Episode # 292

Integrating Strength & Conditioning Principles Into Your Rehabilitation Program [w/ Kelly Starrett]

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Released on November 12, 2020


0:00 – Show intro

5:40 – Kelly Starrett joins the show | Podcast begins…

10:40 – Distinguishing “pain” vs “tissue trauma”

13:50 – How to know when you’re injured

16:35 – What Kelly did  [immediately] post-surgery

20:30 – Kelly’s plan for dealing w/ the post-surgical swelling

24:00 – Accepting the ‘healing times’ of human beings

25:45 – The importance of continuing to train [even when you’re injured]

31:20 – Kelly’s non-negotiable [post-surgery] equipment recommendations

32:00 – How to max out your healing time after surgery

38:55 – The importance of goal setting

43:50 – Appreciating the relationship between inputs & outputs

51:50 – Did Kelly & Joe get injured [and have surgery] because “their stuff doesn’t work”?

53:45 – Getting the most out of your physiology

58:25 – How do you build bone density?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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