Episode # 182

Interview w/ Sean Hayes: Head S&C Coach – WWE Performance Center [Plus a SURPRISE guest!]

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Released on September 27, 2018


1:00 – Show intro

Sean Hayes works with Ronda Rousey in preparation for her Wrestlemania 34 debut match against Stephanie McMahon

2:00 – Joe introduces a surprise guest to the show [Hell Yeah!]

7:20Sean Hayes joins the show

12:50 – Sean’s background and how he got into the S&C industry

22:25 – Did Joe ever consider becoming the strength coach at the WWE Performance Center?

25:25 – How does Sean get “buy in” from the athletes at the Performance Center?

40:25 – The importance of “competition” & making training fun

47:30 – Sean breaks down the training week at the WWE PC

52:40 – Joe introduces this week’s sponsor – Mark Bell’s SlingShot®

56:10 – How does the training differ for different types of wrestlers (high flyers vs big guys)?

58:30 – Does Sean train the females differently than the males?

1:10:50 – The craziest feats of strength & power that Sean has seen since starting at the WWE PC

1:20:00 – Joe and Sean discuss the “protective capabilities” of having fat vs muscle on your body

1:25:00 – What it takes to dominate a WWE/NXT tryout


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Thanks for listening!

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