Episode # 140

Jeff Cavaliere on Work Ethic, Youtube Success, Nutrition & More!

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Released on November 22, 2017


2:30 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – MVMT Watches 

                               Jeff Cavaliere & Joe DeFranco

5:00 – Joe talks about switching over to “mushroom coffee

11:45 – Joe introduces the audience to Jeff Cavaliere

16:30Jeff Cavaliere interview begins…   

18:15 – How Jeff utilizes youtube

19:15 – The process behind creating a successful youtube video

31:00 – The turning point of Jeff’s youtube channel

37:30 – How Jeff got started in the fitness industry

41:45 – Jeff’s first big break

51:10 – The importance of focussing on each individual day

53:25 – Doing stuff you don’t like [“having a job” vs “working”]

56:00 – A day in the life of Jeff Cavaliere

69:15 – Common training mistakes that lead to injury

76:40 – The training routine that Jeff personally follows

82:30 – Jeff talks nutrition


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Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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