Episode # 434

JERSEY MUSCLE: Anthony Monetti & Joe D. Discuss Training/Competing After 40,Kevin Hart’s Injury & More

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Released on August 31, 2023


0:00 – Intro / Show preview


4:40 – Joe talks about the upcoming Business of Strength: 2-Day Gym Business Retreat

9:15Joe introduces Anthony Monetti | Podcast begins…

12:25 – Joe surprises Anthony with a rapid-fire “Jersey/Italian-inspired” Q&A

27:40 – How to avoid binge-eating your favorite junk foods [Funny, yet effective tip!]😂

29:55 – Real-life tips & tricks for livin’ lean & clean

41:00 – Joe’s thoughts on Kevin Hart’s sprinting injury

49:45 – The modifications Anthony has made to his training since turning 40

54:10 – The different mentality Joe had towards training when he was younger compared to now

56:00 – Building muscle vs maintaining muscle

1:00:48 – How Anthony warms up before training

1:04:00 – The WORST way to warm-up for squats

1:09:45 – The warm-up lesson Joe learned immediately upon turning 40!

1:17:40 – How Anthony’s diet has changed in his 40’s [compared to when he was younger]

1:22:30 – Anthony & Joe’s experiences with 6 smaller meals per day vs 2-4 bigger meals a day

1:28:40 – Anthony’s advice to young lifters who are obsessed with “getting jacked, fast”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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